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Formal Hairstyle Tutorials We Are Crushing On Right Now

By Len

Whether you’re going to a wedding or a big gala, there is an impeccable formal hairstyle to match your ensemble. We’ve scoured the web to give you the best, easiest and show-stopping coifs that will surely make you the star of the event! Take your pick from these!

Romantic Retro Curls

Lauren Conrad Curly Hairstyle Tutorial

Image Courtesy: Thefashionhive.com

Feel like going for that ultra posh retro glam look? Try Lauren Conrad’s style! Once you’ve given your hair a good blowout do, the following:

1/ Pick your part! Do a neat side part using a comb.

2/ Create large sections of hair and curl it up using a large (preferably 2”) curling wand.

3/ Secure each curl with clips, pinning it inwards (towards your face).

4/ Once your hair has cooled down, remove the pins.

5/ Shape the curls together using a large boar bristle brush.

6/ Finish the look with some hairspray to set the style! Now, go smile and conquer the night!

Back Bun Bouffant

Back Bun Bouffant Formal Hairstyle Tutorial

Image courtesy: Bobbyglam.com

We want to start a slow clap and a standing ovation for Bobby Glam’s elegantly immense bun! Another vintage style that deserves a great revival! Prep hair with some mousse before blow drying it to keep frizz at bay.

1/ Create a low ponytail first before pushing hair in front to do a second one by securing hair (near the end) with an elastic.

2/ Flip the second one inwards on top of the base of your first ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

3/ Arrange the bubble bun you’ve created by spreading it gently with a comb from side to side.

4/ Secure the bun all over with bobby pins making sure that the elastic you used for ponytail is entirely covered before setting it with hairspray.

5/ Voilà! Vintage chic!

The Fun Bun

Top Bun Formal Hairstyle Tutorial

Image Courtesy: thebeautydepartment.com

Looking for a playful (and youthful) hairstyle for prom? Check out this easy – with a big impact – bun from The Beauty Department!

1/ Put a tiny amount of styling cream to dry hair before curling it.

2/ Do a high ponytail, but before you do one more round with your elastic…

3/ …create a big loop on top leaving a few inches of hair loose to wrap around the base.

4/ Do a slinky spread to your big loop.

5&6/ Loosely wrap the excess hair you created (no. 4) around the base of the ponytail.

7/ Secure your bun with pins before tucking in stray hairs at the base.

8/ Use an ample amount of hairspray to hold the style all throughout the night.

The Chignon Twist

Twist Chignon Formal Hairstyle Tutorial

Image Courtesy: fashionmagazine.com

Okay, we confess – an ordinary chignon (though elegant in its simplicity) is just plain boring. Thank goodness for tweaked versions such as Fashion Magazine’s! It gave a whole new interesting twist to this Grecian ‘do!

1/ Section hair on each side then tease the middle section to create texture and volume.

2/ Do a low ponytail on the teased middle section, pushing on the crown for some poof.

3/ Roll the ends of your ponytail towards the nape of your neck and secure it with pins.

4/ Take the section (right) you did earlier, twist it then put it over the chignon. Tuck and pin the ends underneath. Do the same on the other side.

5/ Leave some loose strands on one side for a dreamy look. You can also opt to curl some strands on top for an additional drama.

6/ Intricate coif with a flair!

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