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Emma Watson’s Long Side-Swept Hairstyle

All grown-up and glamorous! We are living for Emma Stone’s texturized long mane that’s resting loosely atop her shoulder! A far-cry from the usual curly side-swept hairstyles favored my many celebs. To get the mattified coif, follow these:

  1. Prep hair with a thermal-resistant spray. Spray from roots until the ends while the hair is still damp. It will protect your hair from unnecessary damage…
  2. Rough-dry your locks, shaking it as you go…
  3. Use a small amount (a little goes a looooong way) of texturizing powder (we like Redken’s POWDER Power Grip 03 Texturizing Hair Powder) once hair is thoroughly dry. Sprinkle some on your palms then glide them through your hair…
  4. Scrunch your hair a bit before finger-combing your hair to one side.



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