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Bettie Page's Cropped Bangs with Long Black Hair

Women should also be thankful to Bettie Page for introducing the cropped bangs and ultra-high spiked heels. Just think how many women have copied the Miss Page’s Hairstyle. Bettie Page haircut is long black hair past her shoulders and short bangs that show off her forehead. With this look Miss Page just rocks.

Bettie Page hairstyle is not difficult to achieve but always consult your hairstylist how to manage it. The Bettie Page bangs need the right care and technique. Betty Page bangs have a rounded appearance and are falling down in the center.

To get that look you use either a curling iron or a straightener. When using a straightener you can smooth the length of the bangs and then turn your twist in the end. Finish with a shiny spray.

Image courtesy: Careforhair.co.uk

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