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Braided Updo with Marcel Waves

This is another braided hairstyle that we highly recommend for formal events and proms! Part hair to one side then separate the front section of the hair from the rest of your mane. Apply gel to the front section and do finger waves by combing the strands thoroughly. Next, shape the first wave by putting a finger at the end of a 3” horizontal section of the front part. Push the hair forward on top of the finger towards the forehead using a fine-toothed comb then remove your finger and clip that part. Do two more waves using the same technique.

Braid the back section until the tip then tie with elastic. Roll the ends inward, towards the nape, then pin. Remove the clips of your marcel waves. Sweep it gently over your ear then clip it on the side of the braid then tuck and clip the end under the plait for a clean finish. Give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it!

Image courtesy: Girlsgonehair.com

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