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Christina Milian’s Colossal High Bun

You know, here at CFH, we don’t take the words gorgeous, epic or colossal lightly. One swift glance at Christina Milian’s bun will justify the description we made. It is elegant in all its massiveness, by the way. It’s a great hairstyle for weddings or formal occasions and can double as a place to keep your iPhone, cash and lipstick, yes?

How-To: Do a high ponytail first before slipping a thick donut sponge all the way to the base. Cover the donut sponge evenly with your hair. Wrap the loose ends of your hair around the base and neatly tuck it using bobby pins. Spritz hairspray over a fine-toothed comb and glide it through the front and sides of your head for a sleek finish.

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