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Half Up Bouffant Retro Hairstyle Tutorial

Feeling Bardot-ey? Brigitte, that is. Try this ultra suave half up bouffant from Modcloth! It’s an ultra stylish take on this famous 60’s hairstyle!

1/ Do two sections at the upper part of your hair using the end of a rat tail comb.

2/ Separate the front section from the crown section.

3 & 4/ Twist the crown section of your hair into a bun. This will anchor the bouffant.

5/ Tease the front section well for a good pouf.

6/ Cover the twisted bun with the teased hair, combing strays neatly.

7 & 8/ Create a half updo while pushing the backcombed portion of your hair upward and forward. Secure the style with pins and hairspray.

Image courtesy: Blog.modcloth.com

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