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Jane Aldridge’s Low Ponytail with Victory Rolls Hairstyle Tutorial

The word gorgeous will not be enough to describe Jane Aldridge’s (a.k.a Sea of Shoes) low ponytail with victory rolls! The scarlet mane against her alabaster skin alone is something to swoon about! Love!

1 & 2/ Create that necessary lift and texture for this retro style by curling hair using large hot rollers outward.

3/ Spritz a little hairspray for better volume and easy styling.

4 & 5/ Take your bangs and roll them smoothly and neatly inwards. Pin the curled section on top.

6 – 9/ Do a section of hair at the side and backcomb it before rolling it inwards.  Do the same on the other side.

10/ Check your three large pin curls. If there are any rogue hairs, carefully tuck them in using a fine toothed comb with a bit of hairspray.

11/ Gather hair for a low ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.

12/ Amp up your retro ‘do by covering your ponytail with a large bow!

Image courtesy: Seaofshoes.com

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