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Kate Bosworth’s Faux Mohawk Braided Updo

Can we get a ‘hell yeah!’ for Kate Bosworth’s ultra cool faux mohawk braided updo? Whoever said ‘hawks can’t be used for formal occasions is wrong. This is so much easier than it looks! Seriously.

How-to: Create three sections – middle (thickest), left, and right. French braid the middle from the top until the nape. Once you reach the nape, gather the left and right sections along with the middle part into a ponytail. Slice the ends of the ponytail in half and braid each until the ends then tie with elastic. Flip the braided left section on top, bend the end to hide the elastic then secure with pins. Do the same to the right braided section. Secure the middle portion with clips if needed to keep them still.

Image courtesy: Weheartit.com

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