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Kate Upton’s Side Parted Style At VMA 2014

Well hello 90’s and teasing the side swept bangs! Kate Upton sure channels the best out of super model era. We are impressed with her blond mane at VMA 2014 very much and if you feel the same, it’s time for action:

  1. Prefer hair creme over mousse to keep your ‘do at place. Apply small amount between your palms and rub it on dump hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair with large, round brush.
  3. Create side parting.
  4. Tease your bangs and one more 2” section behind them. Pull them back and smooth with paddle brush. Remember that zero trace of teasing is allowed, so make it invisible.
  5. Curl your bangs and few more thin side sections with large barrel curling iron.
  6. Set your hair to the place with your fingers. Avoid comb and brush at this stage.
  7. Mist with hairspray.

Image courtesy: Amami.co.uk/

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