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Dita Von Teese’s Retro Hairstyle Tutorial

If you can’t commit to a bobbed hairstyle like a true flapper, fake it! The Beauty Department did a great version of this Roaring Twenties’ ‘do starring Lauren Conrad.

1/Start with day-old hair for better texture.

2/ Create two sections crosswise. The upper half should be thicker than the lower part.


Now, part the lower half of your hair in the middle and French braid each.

4/Arrange the braided sections of your hair flat at the back and secure them with pins.

5/Curl small sections forward with a small barrel curling tong for tighter coils.

6/Clip the curls inwards using double prong metal clips. We suggest that you use these clips instead of bobby pins as the latter will create unnecessary dents to your hair.

7/Set the curls for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Let them cool down properly for better outcome.

8/Brush your hair gently downwards to shape the curls together.

9/For women with naturally thick hair, you can pin the other side at the back to tone down the bulk.

10/Using a fine toothed comb, tease the ends of your hair upward to create texture for the bob.

11/Pin the backcombed sections inwards and set the style with a hairspray with good hold.

12/For added romance, don an embellished headdress!

Image courtesy: Thebeautydepartment.com

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