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Leona Lewis’ Long Corkscrew Middle Part Hairstyle

From super tight curls to loose, Leona Lewis has done it all! This is, by far, the most flattering amongst all.

How to get spiraled? If your hair is thick and coarse, ditch the mousse; but if you’ve got fine strands, apply a good amount on damp hair. While the hair is slightly dry, wrap thin sections (the thinner the section, the tighter the curl will be) around foam rollers then tie it to keep it in place. To speed up the process, blast them with a blow dryer in low setting so as not to crisp out the strands. Once your hair has thoroughly cooled, remove the rollers then finger comb your hair. Hairspray is optional but appreciated. And oh, we’re crushing on her multidimensional hair color too!

Image courtesy: Stylebistro.com

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