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Leona Lewis’ Side Swept Fishtail Braid

It’s actually not entirely fishtail braid that makes the hairstyle Leona Lewis is wearing here. As shown on the photo from behind, there is simple, loose french braid starting from the left side and continuing over her nape. Once reaching the opposite side of her neck, her hair is weaved into slightly messy fishtail braid. If you wish to copy this style, don’t worry about few loose wisps here and there on the fishtail braid part (they are particulalry unavoidable if your long hair is cut in layers). They are part of the charm of this hairdo, so let them be. Hair section that needs special attention are side bangs! Do give them a touch of delicate blow dry and a mist of hairspray.

Image courtesy: Pamperedandpolished.co.uk

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