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Ni Ni’s Faux Bob Wavy Hairstyle

For women who are eager to try a bob but can’t commit, fake it! Wanna try Ni Ni’s version of a subtly disheveled bob? Divide (crosswise) hair into two sections: upper part (from below one earlobe to the other) and the lower part (nape).

Flip the upper part and secure with a clip. Braid the lower part against your head and secure with pins. This will be the foundation of your faux bob. Curl thin sections of hair using a 1” curling iron. Once your hair has cooled down, part your hair to the side then start rolling the curled upper part of your hair inward, towards the braided portion and clip them well. Slightly tousle then set with a hairspray.

Image courtesy: Imdb.com

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