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Odette Annable’s Long Wavy Hairstyle

No need to look at us like that, Odette. We are already mesmerized by both your face and your captivating long locks! This modern pin curls that’s been ombrefied (optional) is both attention-grabbing and easy to do!

  1. Air-dry hair or rough-dry using a cool blast until damp
  2. Apply a dollop of curl-defining mousse all over damp hair
  3. Part hair to one side before creating five sections
  4. Twist each section from the roots down to the tips tightly then coil up and pin near the roots
  5. Blast hot air all over your pinned curls for a few seconds
  6. When your hair feels cool, release the sections then finger comb
  7. Finish off the look with a bit of shine serum



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