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Pin Up Curls With Bandana Vintage Hairstyle

Need a cool twist for a retro hairstyle? Try Rosie the Riveter’s swanky bandana-tied updo by The Freckled Fox!

1/ Create a smooth and tangle-free base by brushing hair thoroughly.

2/ Gather hair at the nape without anchoring it.

3/ Twist the ponytail all around once; twice for longer hair.

4/ Tuck them cleanly and secure with bobby pins.

5/ Fold the bandana in half and place it on your head with the ends on top.

6/ Tie the ends of the bandana.

7/ Tuck the corners to the sides of the bandana tight and neatly.

8/ Insert the tail of the bandana’s triangle under the knot.

9/ Insert the stray strands at the sides.

10/ Curl the ends of the twisted coif you created earlier using a small curling wand.

11/ Rough up the curled top for a messy casual look.

12/ Perfectly chic homage to a legendary symbol of World War II feminism!

Image courtesy: Freckled-fox.com

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