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Rihanna’s Messy Updo At 2014 Met Ball

Well hello there 80’s! Rihanna is inexhaustible when it comes to reinventig her hairstyle and she just rocks every time. She wore this cute messy updo at the 2014 Met Ball. Repeating it has never been easier: apply small amount of hair cream on damp hair and blow dry it with a diffuser. Rest is all about bobby pins and where to put them. Take a few sections on the front, pull them towards the crown and secure them with pins about two inches from your hairline. The whole point is to bring every section of your hair towards the crown, pin it and let the ends be loose on the crown. You might need to backcomb a few wisps very slightly to set them into place. Leave a few waves to fall loose around your face and finish with hairspray. Perfect choice for you with a round and diamond shaped face, we promise this updo will elongate it.

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