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Side Parted Long Blond Hairstyle With Victory Roll

Summing up the total of impression and elegance, deep side parting of your long, blond mane and deep side parting with victory roll are not comparable by any chance. Extra effort applied for the latter is negligible. Credits for coolness of this hairstyle go to the contrast of single one victory roll sassiness and looseness of remaining hair. We love the idea of avoiding additional curls and waves, which is bringing a bit of edge to this look. Try it yourself: depending on your hair texture, a day old hair could be a good idea for starting point, at least when it comes to fine, thin hair. Otherwise add some hair cream. Take the whole right side section, take your bangs, take crown section all the way to the parting line, join them all together, brush them until smooth and start rolling from the ends. Direction of rolling should be from the right side towards the crown. When you reach the roots, secure the roll with bobby pins. Tuck the opposite side hair behind your ear. Fix with hairspray.

Image courtesy: Crushbeauty.com

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