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15 of the best short hairstyles for women over 60

By Laura

If you’re looking for a collection of the best age-defying short hairstyles for older women, we’ve got all the best inspiration for you - right here! Short hairstyles are great for older ladies as they can add volume, texture and colour for a playful and youthful style. Whatever look it is you want to achieve, in order to help inspire older woman to find that perfect shorter ‘do, we’ve pulled together 15 of the best short hairstyles for women over 60.

In earlier generations, there were very few ‘socially acceptable’ hairstyles for women over 60, the limited choice between subtle and practical may even come to mind. The good news? Hairstyles for older women aren’t what they used to be and things have come a long way! The hair industry is getting more creative, giving us more options than ever, and women themselves are more comfortable embracing daring and sexy hairstyles well into their 50’s and 60s (and beyond!).

No longer do you need to feel your hair style, cut and color is restrained by your age so take a look at our collection of short hairstyles for women of 60 and get inspired. While hearing ‘short hair’ may have your eyes rolling, we want to prove that short hair does not have to equal boring hair!

1. Julie Walters’ textured highlights

 Short hair look with textured highlights

Image Courtesy: sophisticatedallure.com

One of the best places to look if you’re an older woman thinking about a new short style for your hair is towards our favorite over-60 style icons, and Julie Walters is the perfect place to start. We love this short hair look on Julie. With the subtle hint of blonde highlights added to this choppy-textured cut Julie Walters dazzles at the “One Chance” European premiere.

2. Meryl Streep and her sassy swirl

Meryl Streep and her sassy swirl

Image Courtesy: hairstylehub.com

Turning again to the older ladies we all know and admire, most of us will remember Meryl Streep’s famous character in The Devil Wears Prada, and for those of us who do, you will most certainly remember that hair! Try this cut and style to add a little vintage twist to your short hair.

3. Viola Davis’ short curls

Viola Davis’ short curls - classy and chic

Image Courtesy: stylebistro.com

Viola Davis is looking absolutely stunning in this short hairstyle that’s classy and chic. Whether you’re on the red carpet like Viola or simply meeting the gal’s for lunch – you can’t go wrong with this one!

4. Susan Sarandon’s Short Curls

Susan Sarandon’s Short Curls

Image Courtesy: stylebistro.com

If you’re looking for a shorter style that can transition easily between everyday casual and a fancier evening look, these short curls worn by Susan Sarandon are a great choice. The tousled waves give the hair a thick bouncy look and are perfect for any occasion.

5. Helen Mirren sleek and silver

Helen Mirren - sleek and silver hairstyle

Image Courtesy: hairfinder.com

You’re never too old for a contemporary and daring short cut, and Helen Mirren is living proof of that. Helen wears this asymmetrical short bob with complete confidence, and you too can embrace your inner (and outer) beauty with the sleek, subtle and voluminous shape of a cut and style such as this.

6. Spikey Blonde Pixie Cut

Short and spikey blonde pixie cut

Image Courtesy: short-haircut.com

This short ‘n spikey blonde pixie cut screams attitude and is so on trend. Blonde highlights soften the style giving a more youthful look that is easy for you to style and maintain everyday.

7. Stylish, Short and Silver

Stylish, short and silver hairstyle

Image Courtesy: beautifieddesigns.com

This entire ensemble is completely on point, the hair colour and short cut matched with a pop of red lippy and bright blue dress, try this look for a glamourous night out and you’ll be turning heads all evening.

8. Short and tousled

Short and tousled hairstyle for thinner hair

Image Courtesy: beautifieddesigns.com

This short and playful style is perfect for thinner hair as the choppy and layered cut adds texture and is easily styled to add a whole lot of volume.

Fifty Shades of Grey! Many mature women these days are also saying bye-bye to hair-dye and embracing their natural locks. Wearing your hair in your natural white or grey shade will mean you not only save money and time but the color can be very flattering.

Here are a few of our favorite styles in au-naturale:

9. Short, natural curly hair

Short and natural curly hair

Image Courtesy: short-haircut.com

This style is perfect to accentuate a heart or round-shaped face. The short curls waved away from the face add instant va-va-voom and the natural colour makes the style super easy to maintain.

10. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Short Cropped Hair

Short cropped hair of Jamie Lee Curtis

Image Courtesy: shorthairstyle2013.net

Nothing about this hairstyle is anything close to ‘old lady’, Jamie Lee Curtis looks glowing and youthful with this short style, the side part is totally on trend and perfect for this ageless look.

It may surprise you to know that grey hair for women of all ages is the latest to hit the runways and glossy magazine. We love this particular grey style and colour as the lighter grey up front is softer around your face while darker grey and choppy layers give great texture and fullness in the back.

11. Short Blunt Bob

The short blunt bob style

Image Courtesy: sixtyandme.com

The short blunt bob style is a winner in all senses of the word, and when it’s paired with a glowing natural grey you can walk out of house with your head held high knowing you look stylish and fashionable all year round.

Last but not least, if grey isn’t your thing and you’re after a flash of color, our advice is to go with multidimensional highlights to create the illusion of thickness, depth and a shiny and youthful look.

12. Boy Cut

The 'Boy Cut' for square face or large forehead

Image Courtesy: ginily.com

The ‘boy cut’ is a great choice for anyone with a square face or a larger forehead, not to mention bangs providing instant wrinkle coverage! Try this cut with high and low lights for texture and volume in your shorter boy cut hair.

13. Julie Andrews Short Cut

Easy to maintain short style for women

Image Courtesy: alchetron.com

Julie Andrews has the perfect face shape for this short cut. The soft waves are feminine and the multi-tonal shades of colour keep it looking youthful, natural and healthy. This short style is easy to maintain so a great one for women to try out.

14. Sharon Osborne is seeing Red

Short hair with deep red colour and purple hues

Image Courtesy: stylisheve.com

Sharon Osborne is another feisty maiden known for her signature red locks. Try out a deep red with high and low lights like Sharon’s to add depth and shine to your shorter cut and colour. Adding colour such as this deep red with purple hues is also great nourishment to smoothe older hair which tends to dry out and frizz easily.

15. Go Blondie

Soft side-swept short cut hair for over 60's

Image Courtesy: hairstylehub.com

This soft side-swept short cut with natural-looking blonde highlights is perfect for over 60’s. Dying your hair blonde is also a really great choice for naturally greying hair as you can minimize the appearance of regrowth while simultaneously taking years off your look.

Hungry for more inspiration? Check out more hairstyles for older women at our gallery here.

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