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Fine hair, don't care! 9 simple tricks to add volume to thin hair

By Laura

If you’re struggling with flat or fine hair, then listen up and listen good because we’ve pulled together our top tips and tricks for more voluminous hair that you can try at home today:

Tip #1: Color your hair

Color your hair to add volume to fine hair

Photo courtesy: goodhousekeeping.com

Truth be told, there are several more benefits to coloring to your hair above and beyond a hot new hue. Whether it’s a few subtle highlights or whole new hair color, just adding a little dye or bleach will actually ‘roughen up’ your hair cuticle with a surprising volumising effect.

Tip #2: Use Dry Shampoo

Using dry shampoo to get fine hair (before and after)

Photo courtesy: marieclaire.com

Dry shampoo is still one the hottest hair products of the moment, and for anyone with fine or flat hair – consider this product your secret weapon!

The real trick here is don’t wait until it’s too late (when your hair is already greasy or oily). We recommend the preventive approach: apply dry shampoo to freshly washed hair as soon as you finish blow-drying. This will prevent your scalp’s natural oils from travelling down your hair shaft and weighing down your locks. Don’t be shy with spraying through the lengths too, which can create even more texture.

Tip #3: Try crimping your Hair

Crimp your hair to get that volume!

Photo courtesy: visual-makeover.com

Crimping is back! Now, before you shudder with memories of the 80’s, please hear us out. Believe it or not there’s actually one use of the crimping iron that most of us probably haven’t considered before. Have you ever thought about crimping just the under-side layers of your hair? The crimping will make the under-layers stand out from the scalp while leaving the top layer of hair to fall more softly and naturally on top.

With this simple technique the bottom layer does all the volume work and the rest of your hair maintains a more natural look! Watch this tutorial for How to Add Volume to Your Hair Using a Crimper.

Tip #4: Use the Right Products

Use the right products!

Photo courtesy: pinterest.com

Shampoo is shampoo, right? Wrong! You’d be surprised by how much a difference the type of shampoo and conditioner you use can make to your hair. Please, find a volume-building shampoo and go super easy on any conditioner. Last but not least, always look for products specifically designed for thin or fine hair so that they won’t weigh your hair down.

Product tip: Try using a root boosting product on damp hair before you blow-dry, this will provide structure and it will also help your style last all day.

Tip #5: Sleep with Your Hair in a Bun

Sleep with your hair in a bun

Photo courtesy: pinterest.com

You too can wake up with the gorgeous Hollywood waves you thought you could never achieve! How you ask? Simply by sleeping with your damp hair pulled up in a bun.

After your evening shower, secure towel-dried hair in a loose bun and overnight while you sleep the magic will happen! Because your hair dries while lifted ‘off the scalp’ and without the force of gravity weighing it down, when you wake up you’ll find you have natural volume and soft waves.

Tip #6: Use hot Rollers

Use hot rollers to add volume to your thin hair

Photo courtesy: oprah.com

If you don’t have the time or the technique to build out volume during your blow-dry, don’t forget about this oldie but a goodie: hot rollers! The best thing about hot rollers is that unlike curling tongs or flat irons you can throw them in and they do all the work for you, leaving you to sit back and do your make-up or pick out the perfect party outfit.

Keep your curls in check all evening by making sure that you very lightly mist each section with hairspray prior to rolling. Once the rollers are cooled and its time to take them out, brush with a wide-toothed comb to shape soft, modern curls.

Want to learn more on how to shiny, bouncy hair in hot rollers? Here’s a tutorial.

Tip #7: Blow-dry your hair upside down

Blow dry upside down to add volume to thin hair

Photo courtesy: freckled-fox.com

One of the best ways to create easy, instant volume, is to blow-dry your hair against its natural direction – flip your head upside down! By blow-drying your hair upside down your roots are lifted and dried off your scalp – where they’ll stay and day! Finish off the ends of your hair with a flat iron to achieve a look that’s boosted at the roots but still tidy and clean.

Find more in this step-by-step guide to creating Big Volume with your blow drier.

Tip #8: Switch up your hair part

One super simple tip for achieving instant volume at the crown is switching your part to the opposite side.

Test it out by starting a deep side-part while your hair is still wet (remember, the opposite side than you would usually) a quick blow dry then spray lightly with hairspray and you’re good to go!

Tip #9: Back-brush your hair

Back brush your hair to get volume to fine hair

Photo courtesy: stylecaster.com

Back-brushing can be done in a number of ways, and it doesn’t have to mean frightful teasing or a cringe-worthy back-comb. By back-brushing the roots of only the under-layers of your hair, much like our crimping tip, you can create will create soft volume which will later become ‘invisible to the eye’

Instead of a comb we recommend using a flat and large paddle brush working through the under layer section by section.

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