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2014 Prom Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

By Len

We know, we know. You have too much going on in your head right now for your upcoming prom. After all, it is (or should be) one of the best moments in your teen life. You have to think about the perfect dress, how to walk in heels (without busting a calf muscle), and of course, the right ‘moy’ (man-boy).

We’re handling the hairstyle aspect for your big night. All you need to do is browse through the pictures below and choose! It’s 2014; updos are not the only hairstyle that’s considered as promtastic, people.

First things first, though. You need to consider these vital factors before picking the right prom coif: Theme, Movement (from a scale of 1 to headbanging, how much dancing are you planning to do the whole night?), Garb, and Hair Length. Our goal is to make you look strikingly pretty, not matronly. We also want you to post a #tbt of your prom photo 20 years from now with utmost pride. Ready? Vamos!

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Long Prom Hairstyles

Rachel Bilson Bouffant Updo Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Fachioncraz.com

This proverbial prom hairstyle for long hair is always a safe bet. Rachel Bilson’s coif is eternally gorgeous in all its simplicity. Add a bit of bump at the crown then pull face-framing sections on the sides for a chic effect.

Dianna Agron Half Up Bouffant Curly Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Voguemagz.com

Avoid a dated vintage bouffant half-up hairstyle by keeping the curls bouncy, shiny, and ultra soft just like Dianna Agron’s. To hold the curls better, spritz freshly washed hair with texturizing spray. Blast cold air at the roots until the end before swirling sections over a clampless large curling wand.

Kendall Jenner High Sleek Ponytail Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Gotceleb.com

Got an oval-shaped face? We beg you to try an elegant, slicked-back high ponytail for prom! After a blowout, use flat iron to smoothen out your strands further. Brush your hair upwards and tie with clear elastic. Wrap the elastic with an inch of your hair then secure the end with a pin underneath the base of the ‘tail.

Jamie Chung Classic High Bun Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Coolhairstle.com

A ballerina bun is practically a 100% fuss-free hairstyle, making it a big prom do! After you’ve piled your hair high on top of your head and wound the ends to create a well-secured knot, retouching is unnecessary. The ballerina bun is best for long, thick strands. If you’re a few inches away from this requirement, don’t fret! There’s always a faux, clip-in buns to save the day!

Kate Upton Side Swept Long Wavy Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Viphairstyles.com

Tons of versions have emerged, but Kate Upton’s stays on the top best side-swept long hairstyles. It’s a captivating yet natural looking hairstyle that will definitely make onlookers swoon on prom night. A subdued bouffant and pinned side makes the whole look extra interesting.

Short Prom Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Aol.com

Jennifer Lawrence perfected the cool contrast of tomboy coif + haute couture gowns and we envy her for that!  To get JLaw’s chaotic coif, apply a moldable water-based hair wax that’s non-greasy but promises a good hold all over dry hair. Use your fingers to style your mane according to your preferred grunginess.

Michelle Williams Pixie with Headband Prom Hairstyle

Photo Courtesy: Fabfashionfix.com

See? Even a closed-cropped ‘do can look extra exquisite! You just have to know how to make it such. Get your pixie in the direction you prefer by using a texturizing cream. Give some volume on top before putting on an embellished headband.

Carey Mulligan Short Shag Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Elle.fr

Got an in-between mane for prom? Ditch the idea of donning a postiche and work with what you have instead! Echo Carey Mulligan’s pretty short hair fishtail plaits that’s pinned to the side. Leave the rest of your bangs loose for a youthful touch.

Charlize Theron Bob Flapper Hairstyle Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Trendisima.com

You need not have a flashback theme to copy Charlize Theron’s revamped marcel waves. You can use this in all prom themes that calls for elegance and class. Allow your waves to look more natural instead of creating heavy dents. Clip a jeweled pin to one side for an ultra posh finish.

Jennie Garth Braid Short Bob Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Hairstyleweekly.com

Don’t force your way into the girly-girl box if you’re a solid rock star goddess! Jennie Garth’s short hair faux hawk is an absolute prom must try! Elevate the top with volumizing mousse and some backcombing. Braid both sides of your hair then tie the ends with clear elastic before pinning them at the nape.

Medium Prom Hairstyles

Emma Stone Side Bun Hairstyle Prom 2014

Photo Courtesy: Beautyeditor.ca

Invigorate an overused bun hairstyle by keeping it off center! Medium coif is the best length for side buns because it doesn’t make the knot awkwardly large, making the whole face asymmetrical. Sweep your sleek fringe low to the side for a sweet modern twist.

Kirsten Dunst Half Up Shoulder Length Prom Hairstyles 2014

Photo Courtesy: Bellasugar.com

Glam up romantic loose curls by doing a neat, flat twist starting at the front until the upper portion of the side. Hold the style with pins and hairspray. Make sure that the curls are subtle enough to avoid adding years to your look.

Taylor Swift Prom 2014 Updo Flipped Updo

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Achieve Taylor Swift’s well-defined updo for prom by applying curl-boosting mousse to damp hair before blow dying. Curl thin sections using a medium-sized curling iron. Roll a hot-clamped section of your bangs upwards (towards the crown) and stop when your reach the brow area. Loosely gather hair into a low bun and hold with pins. Mold the upturned bangs using your fingers and set with hairspray.

Kate Beckinsale Long Wavy Ponytail Prom 2014 Hairstyle

Photo Courtesy: Makeupartistsd.com

Differentiate an everyday pony from a prom ‘do by going sky-high, adding curls, and pumping in loads of texture in the mix. Tease the front area of a thoroughly dry hair then create a pouf, push forward then hold with pins. Pull the rest of your hair into a sleek high pony. Use a large hot iron wand to curl the ends of the ‘tail. Jooge it up good for a crazy cool finale.

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