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10 Eccentric Hairstyles & Hair Colors To Try Before You Die

By Len

"To be old and wise, you must first have to be young and stupid" – changing a hairstyle is one aspect of a person’s life that this quote can be safely applied to.

Why? To start with the most obvious reason: hair is one of the easiest to modify and control. Before you go follow that bright light, experiment with some that are, well, less conventional. Eccentric hairstyles will not come out tacky when done right!

These hairstyles are for women who possess true grit (usually right after a disastrous break up or after losing a terrible bet). Let’s add a spunk score to each – 10 being the one with enormous amount of élan!


Kaleidoscope ‘Do

Multicolored Hairstyle with a Few Colored Streaks

There’s a better way to achieve a multicolored hairstyle than just merely looking like a cheap copy of Starlite’s tail. Add a few colored streaks instead of a full rainbow coif.

2 in spunk level.

Modified Mohawk

Kelly Osbourne's Modified Mohawk, 2013

Not fully committed to go hardcore Mr. T? Try Kelly Osbourne’s funky modified version. Both sides are clipper cut while the middle portion is kept longer for a cool contrast.

6 in spunk level.

The Helmet

Moe Howard's Crop Hairstyle

Moe Howard’s trademark crop is making a strong come back this year! Sported by known hairstyle chameleons such as Agyness Deyn and Christina Ricci, the bowl cut is most suitable for women with oval face shape and a whole lot of dash!

5 in spunk level.

White Out

Eccentric pastel hairdo

Feeling immaculate? Iman refers to the chic dowager look as “positively sublime”; fitting words for a hairstyle that denotes regality and uniqueness. ‘Memba Nicole Richie’s ballsy version of this starling mane earlier this year at the Met Ball? Too much coolness!

8 in spunk level.


Summer Weave Hairstyle

Cool, clean and low upkeep – no wonder this classic has become a favorite by various celebs such as Ciara, Fergie, Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys. This intricate braided hairstyle can stimulate hair growth and lessen hair breakage when done right.

4 in spunk level.


Thandie Newton's sweet & thick voluminous hairstyle

Thandie Newton’s va va voluminous hair is a Fall 2013 do! Colossal curls are extremely sultry and sweet! Uneven layers cut all around the back creating more height and body. Women with naturally thick hair will benefit best from this look.

3 in spunk level.


Pageboy Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

We blame The Great Gatsby for making us look at this 20’s coif in a whole new highly enticing level. It is a shorter version of the A-line bob with the back cropped with graduation. Got fine hair? Give this one a try!

5 in spunk level.

Rat Tail

Scarlett Johansson's Blonde 80s Crop Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson just made this hideous Eighties crop a little bearable for us. Is it ba-ack? Unfortunately, yes. Rihanna recently unveiled her own version of this rat tail hairstyle via Instagram. Should we be excited?

7 in spunk level.

Half Grazed

Rihanna's Half Grazed Side-Swept Curly Hairstyle

This is one tress trend that exudes a lot of boldness and edge, not to mention hot! The crop forces a permanent risqué side part and side-swept style.

9 in spunk level.

Warrior Buzz

Natalie Portman's Buzz Cut Haristyle from V for Vendetta

Sure, Natalie Portman got paid big (for the movie ‘V for Vendetta’) for getting buzzed, but still, you can’t brush away this gorgeous actress’ gutsiness and aplomb! Nothing amplifies hairstyle fortitude better than a buzz cut.  The audacity lies on both the act and what the cut signifies (sported by soldiers and cancer warriors).  Double dare?

10 in spunk level.

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