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The 7 Deadly Sins of Hair Styling

By Georgiana

A curtain of poker-straight hair or a cascade of va-va-voom curls?

This has been a constant dilemma for me from the moment I realized my long hair was one of my strongest assets. But, after endless styling sessions, I noticed my mane was dry, brittle, and it perceived me as its worst enemy. Ouch!

Hair Styling

Have you just had a déjà-vu? Does your hair also look damaged and overly-tired because of too much heat, pulling and gripping?

Then you’d better read on to find out more hair styling mistakes we commonly make.   Ladies, I give you the seven deadly sins of hair styling:

1 Dripping hair meets hot styling tools

Never in a million years! Dry your hair at least 90% before using a flat iron or a curling wand, lest you should find yourself counting endless split ends;

2 Hair styling without heat protectants

This is a dramatic mistake because your hair should always be well-protected against heat. Spray each hair section before styling it to prevent cuticle cracking;

3 Your styling tools are always on the highest setting

This speaks total hair damage! If you are blow-drying, use the cool air setting, while if you are using a flat/curling iron, adjust the temperature based on your hair type;

4 Your hair has never seen ceramic tourmaline plates

If your styling tools do not have tourmaline plates or a barrel with ceramic coating, it is time to go shopping! Only this feature can ensure you glossy, healthy styled hair;

5 Insisting for too long on the same hair section

Keeping your hair for more than 8-10 seconds between the plates of the flat iron or around the curling barrel is a no-no. Singed hair does not match your sexy attitude.

6 Ironing is synonym to pulling

Another terrible hair styling mistake is to pull hair too hard while straightening it. Learn how to slide the iron along your strands, instead of gripping and pulling them. Treat hair like silk, not rope.

7 Dirty hair goes on a styling session

Eww! Forget about styling greasy, full of build-up strands, and get a quick wash before you start. Otherwise your hair will clump and stick to your tool, and styling will prove a useless job.

Now that you are seeing hair styling from a different perspective, it is time to get a show-stopping hairdo and boast amazing hair that everyone will envy!

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