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7 Killer Hairstyles for Redheads that no Man Can Resist

By Georgiana

If you thought men’s biggest fantasy was a Ferrari Spider, think again. True, their fantasy involves the red color, but it is called redheads! If you have natural cinnamon strands, you might know how it feels to constantly be the object du désir of more than one guy at a time. The sassy freckles, porcelain skin and volcanic temperament are also attractive, but their infatuation starts with your red locks.

Julianne Moore Sleek Waves, Red Hairstyle

Here are seven of my favourite redhead A-listers (some are natural, some fake it, but they still look smoking hot), sporting stare-at-me hairdos that would look equally great on each of you, ginger lasses.

To create a mermaid look, or a hairstyle á la Ava Gardner, opt for sleek waves like Julianne Moore. The deep side part and the loose curls obtained with the large barrel of the curling iron ensure a red carpet look. Tip: add your brightest chandelier earrings, for extra drama.

Nicole Kidman's Red Side-braid

Nicole Kidman is possibly the most famous Hollywood redhead. She is truly beautiful and has always had fiery long strands, wearing them in a multitude of styles. The thick side braid, though, is a great choice to speak flirty and playful. And men love those two words!

Christina Hendricks Red mid-cut wavy hair

When Christina ‘Foxy’ Hendricks sports her wavy midi cut with long side-swept bangs she telegraphs sexiness. The soft curls frame her oval face beautifully, and the hot ginger shade makes a unique style statement. How about that?

Jessica Chastain Red Bouffant hair

Jessica Chastain’s modern bouffant hair style looks so ladylike, she could perfectly fit a ‘50s movie role. Looking like a glam diva might be easier than you expected: brush your hair backwards and create voluminous hair that you set with hair spray. Instant magic!

Emma Stone's red hair bun

When you can flaunt a warm reddish brown hair color like Hollywood’s darling, Emma Stone, you know every hairstyle has winning potential. Wear your strands in an elegant bobby pinned updo with a feminine side part, keeping your look relaxed and soft.

Isla Fisher red straigh hair

Sport sleek strands for a sophisticated look, just like Isla Fisher. The middle part and the slightly layered, poker-straight mane will give any redhead an empowering, yet elegant look.

Amy Adams red hair updo

Fuss-free updos are always a great choice for special events, and Amy Adams swears by it! To keep hair from the face, especially if you have flawless makeup on, opt for a chic chignon leaving a few loose strands near your face. This regal hairdo is also perfect to reveal a show-stopping jewelry set.

And you? What’s the irresistible hairstyle you wear when you want to seduce without remorse?

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