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Argan Oil, the Liquid Gold that Gives You Couture-Worthy Hair

By Georgiana

Would you apply liquid gold to your hair?

Well, I would. Actually, I already have. And I declare myself totally addicted and in love. I am talking about Argan Oil, the divine gift from nature that is meant to give women’s hair a fantastic mix of glow, health and shine.

Argan Oil - Magical oil for perfect hair

Found in the nuts of the Moroccan Argan tree, this precious oil has become the number one beauty elixir used in the hair care industry, and now I totally understand why. I have used it on my bad hair days, on days I wanted to seduce with an irresistible hair scent and even on my crazy beach days when the blazing sun was shining over my strands. It’s magical!

If you have not tried Argan Oil yet, here are my top 5 reasons why you should definitely have a bottle on your bathroom shelf. Ready to be amazed?

1 Use it as a heat protectant each time you style your hair with hot tools. Not only will it protect your mane from excessive heat, but it will also help it shine and look glossy!

2Make your own conditioner at home to help detangle your crowning glory. Mix 1 tbsp of Argan Oil, 4 tbsp of Agave syrup and 1 mashed ripe avocado, and apply this paste to your wet strands. Let it rest for half an hour, keeping your hair wrapped in a towel, then rinse thoroughly. You will be wowed by the smoothness of your hair

3 Did you get rid of your split ends with a trim? Well done!  Now it is time to prevent such nasty splits with Argan Oil. It will also maintain your hair moist, so apply some drops to wet hair and let it air dry.

4 If you are tired of frizz and crazy fly-aways don’t despair! During your styling sessions apply a thin oil layer to your strands using your fingertips. Smooth hair down and tame it for good.

5  Being a natural source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin E, Argan Oil definitely helps hair grow strong and look healthy, giving it a shine boost.

We often forget about the help we can get from nature. If you are disappointed of all the hair products that promised so much and did so little, try Argan Oil, and your hair will smile back at you!

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