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Best Retro Hairstyle Tutorials to Try Now

By Len

Elegant attires, polished nails, chivalry, good manners and etiquette are just some of the things that make us want to go back to the past and stay there. Our number reason? Perfectly styled hair – all day, every day - of course! 

Pin Curls Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial

Retro hairstyles have been creating big waves for the past couple of years. Well, in Dita Von Teese’s case, since birth. We cannot, again, we cannot teach you how to get her awesome figure nor her dangerous moves. You need a whole lot of discipline and divine intervention for that. We can, however, teach you her favorite hairstyles!

If you can’t commit to a bobbed hairstyle like a true flapper, fake it! The Beauty Department did a great version of this Roaring Twenties’ ‘do starring Lauren Conrad.

1/Start with day-old hair for better texture.

2/ Create two sections crosswise. The upper half should be thicker than the lower part.


Now, part the lower half of your hair in the middle and French braid each.

4/Arrange the braided sections of your hair flat at the back and secure them with pins.

5/Curl small sections forward with a small barrel curling tong for tighter coils.

6/Clip the curls inwards using double prong metal clips. We suggest that you use these clips instead of bobby pins as the latter will create unnecessary dents to your hair.

7/Set the curls for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Let them cool down properly for better outcome.

8/Brush your hair gently downwards to shape the curls together.

9/For women with naturally thick hair, you can pin the other side at the back to tone down the bulk.

10/Using a fine toothed comb, tease the ends of your hair upward to create texture for the bob.

11/Pin the backcombed sections inwards and set the style with a hairspray with good hold.

12/For added romance, don an embellished headdress!

Pin Up Curls With Bandana Vintage Hairstyle

Rosie the Riveter’s swanky bandana-tied updo hairstyle

Photo Courtesy: Freckled-fox.com

Need a cool twist for a retro hairstyle? Try Rosie the Riveter’s swanky bandana-tied updo by The Freckled Fox!

1/ Create a smooth and tangle-free base by brushing hair thoroughly.

2/ Gather hair at the nape without anchoring it.

3/ Twist the ponytail all around once; twice for longer hair.

4/ Tuck them cleanly and secure with bobby pins.

5/ Fold the bandana in half and place it on your head with the ends on top.

6/ Tie the ends of the bandana.

7/ Tuck the corners to the sides of the bandana tight and neatly.

8/ Insert the tail of the bandana’s triangle under the knot.

9/ Insert the stray strands at the sides.

10/ Curl the ends of the twisted coif you created earlier using a small curling wand.

11/ Rough up the curled top for a messy casual look.

12/ Perfectly chic homage to a legendary symbol of World War II feminism!

Victory Rolls Ponytail Vintage Hairstyle Tutorial

Jane Aldridge’s low ponytail with victory rolls

Photo Courtesy: Seaofshoes.com

The word gorgeous will not be enough to describe Jane Aldridge’s (a.k.a Sea of Shoes) low ponytail with victory rolls! The scarlet mane against her alabaster skin alone is something to swoon about! Love!

1 & 2/ Create that necessary lift and texture for this retro style by curling hair using large hot rollers outward.

3/ Spritz a little hairspray for better volume and easy styling.

4 & 5/ Take your bangs and roll them smoothly and neatly inwards. Pin the curled section on top.

6 – 9/ Do a section of hair at the side and backcomb it before rolling it inwards.  Do the same on the other side.

10/ Check your three large pin curls. If there are any rogue hairs, carefully tuck them in using a fine toothed comb with a bit of hairspray.

11/ Gather hair for a low ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.

12/ Amp up your retro ‘do by covering your ponytail with a large bow!

Half Up Bouffant Retro Hairstyle Tutorial

Half Up Bouffant Retro Hairstyle

Photo Courtesy: Blog.modcloth.com/

Feeling Bardot-ey? Brigitte, that is. Try this ultra suave half up bouffant from Modcloth! It’s an ultra stylish take on this famous 60’s hairstyle!

1/ Do two sections at the upper part of your hair using the end of a rat tail comb.

2/ Separate the front section from the crown section.

3 & 4/ Twist the crown section of your hair into a bun. This will anchor the bouffant.

5/ Tease the front section well for a good pouf.

6/ Cover the twisted bun with the teased hair, combing strays neatly.

7 & 8/ Create a half updo while pushing the backcombed portion of your hair upward and forward. Secure the style with pins and hairspray.

Fess up, girls! Which one’s your favorite?


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