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Best Solutions for Winter’s Worst Hair Problems

By Len

While the winter season brings in merry things (the longer nights alone make us ecstatic; don’t get us started on snow angels), there’s one thing that we hope it didn’t: crappy hair.

Winter is the harshest season for all types of hair. The cold, dry air can strip your hair of moisture and make it look like the perfect embodiment of dullness and languish. Allow us to save your mane from this pain! Below are the most gratifying solutions for the most common winter hair woes!

Problem #1: Cold Air + Lack of Humidity = Static Hair

Static electricity has contributed wonders in the field of science, but it does the complete opposite in the world of tresses. We can talk about ions, electrons, protons and all the other ‘ons’, but simply put, static is caused by a combination of cold air and lack of humidity.

Static hair is caused by a combination of cold air and lack of humidity

Photo Courtesy: Sheknows.com

A ferocious porcupine look is pretty hard to pull off, regardless of how hot you are. Trust us.

The Fix:

  • Use a liberal amount of leave-in conditioners daily.
  • Choose products that contain hydrolyzed collagen and quaternary ammonium – they can effectively stop static buildup.
  • For a quick fix, spray some Static Guard on your comb before styling your hair.

Constant friction will worsen your flyaway problem so limit your brushing or combing.

Problem #2: Dryness Causes Split Ends & Breakage

Marc Jacobs Runway Wigs: Dry Hair

Photo Courtesy: Makeupforlife.net

Dryness is a winter hair problem that gives rise to a few more blues such as split ends and breakage. The immediate shift in temperature – from freezing air outside to heated air inside – elevates the dryness further.

The Fix:

We all want that cool, fresh feeling we get after thoroughly washing our hair with shampoo, but it strips off the natural oils needed to keep our hair silky smooth.

Tone down the use of shampoo during winter months and up the use of conditioners. If you really can’t live without shampoo, use the dry version instead.

Deep conditioning should be included in your winter hair regimen aside from the daily conditioning treatment.  Conditioners will strengthen your hair cuticle and form a protective coat over each strand, making them soft and smooth.

Deep conditioning will smooth out the remaining rough edges further by penetrating through the strands.

Problem #3: Dryness Leads to Dull Looking Hair

Dull, Long Hairstyle

Photo Courtesy: Hairstylesforyou.info

This is another by-product of your hair being too dry. The lack of luster washes out your hair’s color and make it look overly barren.

The Fix:

Revive your hair’s shine and color by using shampoo and conditioners that specifically targets these winter problems.

 Refrain from applying too much heat on your hair. If you can’t avoid using a blow dryer, choose the lowest temperature setting to avoid hair damage and always use heat styling products for better protection.



Problem #4:  Torrid Weather & Wool Caps = Frizz

Cara Delevingne's Big Hair; Caution: Not the result of a Natural Frizz

Photo Courtesy: Fashionmagazine.com

Torrid weather and wool caps will make your hair go into an irritating rebellion. Yes, disheveled hair is hot right now; but only when it’s deliberately done can a messy mane qualify as ‘in vogue’. Natural frizz is not something that can be considered stylish….ever.

The Fix:

Start the war by applying  anti-frizz serum daily. After washing your hair, pat it dry instead of vigorously rubbing it with a towel. Rubbing will not only remove all the moisture necessary to keep frizz at bay, it will also cause your strands to break. As a gentler approach to your tresses, opt for a terrycloth towel.




Problem #5: Itching Due to Dry Scalp

Itching due to dry scalp is very common during winter

Photo Courtesy: Essentialhealth.com

Itching due to dry scalp is very common during winter. Perched scalp will bring you both discomfort and embarrassment. White flakes on your black shearling and wool crepe coat will definitely kill your stylish vibe! Some people mistaken scaly scalp for dandruff. They are actually two different things. The former is caused by weather while the latter is caused by a fungus.

The Fix:

Humidifying indoor air is one way to counteract this problem.

Rehydrating your scalp via  heavy moisturizing treatments every week is another effective solution. Look for scalp conditioning products that consist of sodium salicylate. It will cool the scalp, alleviate itching and manage the flakes.

 Invest in a good boar bristle brush as it makes the hair smooth, shiny and stimulate scalp circulation all at the same time.

If conditioners fail, try the serious dry scalp-busting product: Jojoba oil. It’s very effective in eradicating scalp dryness and will make your tresses strong and shiny as well!

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